Why Wistia is a no brainer for video marketing

Marketing Jan 08, 2020

There are a lot of options to distribute and host your videos when you’re just starting out with video marketing.

You can spend countless hours looking for a video hosting platform to fill your video marketing needs. But the problem is, you never find the one that really helps you grow your business.

You invest time and money to your video production and your camera gear, but when it comes to distribution, it’s hard to cut through all the options.

If you don’t use the right distribution channels you’ll run into all kinds of problems like slow streaming, expensive service, limited storage, and a hard to use tools — which can all lead to losing the potential prospects coming to your website and converting.

In this article, we’re going to save you a lot of trouble. We’ll present to you the best alternative to Vimeo, YouTube, or any other options out there.

What is Wistia?

Wistia is a video-hosting platform founded in 2008, which was created to make video marketing easier for online businesses.

A lot of companies improve communication with their audience by using Wistia to host their videos, track them, and use the data to increase conversions and lead generation.

The company has proven throughout the years that it is better than the other platforms for many reasons. But here are the reasons why we think it’s a no brainer for video marketing:

1. A Beginner Friendly Interface

The team behind Wistia has done an astounding job making the interface simple and super easy to use.

It is so beginner friendly. Anyone with no prior knowledge to the service can learn how to use it and instantly start uploading videos.

Wistia User Interface

One of the best features you get with Wistia is the ability to customize your videos, change the appearance of the player to match your brand, and add thumbnails once they’re uploaded.

Wistia User Dashboard

2. Class Leading Video Player

Customers online love to watch videos because it is less time consuming and a more comfortable thing to do. Therefore, if your video player is shit, your prospect will click away.

We’ve all been there, on a news site with an awful video player that plays about 6 ads before we get to the content (and even then it doesn’t work).

We’ve all been before on a news site with a crappy video player that plays 6 ads before showing us what we came for. (And even then, it doesn’t work)

You’ll no longer have to worry about that.

Wistia has one of the smoothest, cleanest, bug-free, video players out there. It is functional to the point that it would be unfair to compare it to any other low-quality video players.

Wistia Video Player

Your visitors can instantly play your videos, pause, resume, and replay them whenever they want in the quality they prefer. That’s something you won’t get if you use other video hosting services.

3. Excellent Video Analytics

Wistia is known for its analytics. It provides lots of valuable information like how many times a video was played, the percentage of the video watched, the visitors location, etc.

Such data will nudge your content creation in the right direction and improve your understanding of your customers.

You’ll get a stats page for each video, and that will help reverse engineer your video creation process. You can meet your audience exactly where they are.

Wistia Video Analytics

You’ll also get a detailed overview on what parts of your videos are working best, and which ones should you delete or make shorter — and that will immensely ease your video production process and amplify your marketing results.

Wistia video overview
Hint: Unlike Youtube, Wistia allows you to re-upload videos under an existing video with the same name and keep the stats. Use that with heat mapping to take your video marketing to the next level by doubling down on what’s working and removing what isn’t.

4. The Best Video Marketing Solution

Imagine taking countless hours to create your content, sharing it on your website, and attracting customers to consume it, only to let your competitors enjoy the fruits of your hard work and get the conversion.

Or maybe you’ll be promoting a new product or service of your own before your pitch is interrupted by an annoying ad that’s likely to drive your customers away.

These are common problems that businesses using YouTube and Vimeo.

Thankfully, Wistia solves them all as it provides the following:

Self-Hosted Videos

On top of them being completely ad-free, videos hosted on Wistia show no external links or your competitors content. That helps your visitors are to stay longer on your website and listen more to what you have to say.

Additional Features

Wistia has lots of great features which their competitors don’t provide like Annotation Links, Call-to-Action, and Turnstile.

We can’t emphasise how useful these features are for video marketing.

Wistia Video Player Pop Up

Each feature is easy to add or delete. They work well with analytics and A/B testing to increase engagement rates and grow your mailing list.

Social sharing buttons

Viewers can embed your videos on their websites or share it on multiple social media channels.

And that will further spread your message and attract even more customers. Get in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

Wistia Video Social Sharing Buttons

5. Great Customer Service

Customer support is a strong determining factor when it comes to picking the right services to use for your business.

The team behind Wista understands that very well, which is why they’re actively striving to improve their help center.

Wistia Support Center

Wistia offers an outstanding customer happiness team that responds quickly and offers helpful responses.

You didn’t find an answer to your problem in their resolution center? Contact their support directly and you’ll get a practical solution to your problem.

Not only this, but their content is also amazing. We’d recommend checking it out.

Wrapping It Up

Video marketing can be your most effective lead generation and customer acquisition strategy. However, it takes a great video marketing platform for that to happen.

That is why Wistia is a no brainer for video marketing.

Let us know if you have any questions about Wistia or if you need any help getting up and running.

James McKinven

I'm the founder of Striqo and host of the Marketing Mashup podcast. My goal is to get as many people using video and podcasting in their marketing machine.

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