The difference between video marketing and video production

Marketing Nov 06, 2019

I have this conversation often and people struggle to put a finger on what the clear difference is between video marketing and production. There are often agencies that claim they do video marketing but are actually just video production agencies who know how to market the videos they produce (ie putting some paid media budget behind their videos).

I think there is a very distinct difference between video marketing and video production, but it’s not obviously clear. I also think you need to understand what you are buying when you are looking to make some videos.

Video production is when you likely spend £5–10k on one-off a brand video, case study or narrative piece which looks visually stunning and has excellent production values. This is then generally placed on a website homepage and added as a pinned tweet. These are absolutely great for people wanting to find out some more about a company.

Video marketing a long term investment into using video throughout all parts of your marketing strategy. Instead of spending that £5–10k on one, highly-produced video, you can spend that money on building a strategy and producing multiple videos which have the purpose of attracting, converting and selling to leads.

You’ll then need to continue to invest in video marketing to make it work! It takes a little while to get going, but when you can produce enough videos you will seriously start to see a return on investment. The trouble you’ll find with video production, is you’re unlikely to ever see a return on investment (or at least a trackable one), because the video has no strategy behind it.

Whereas if you look at video from a strategic perspective, much like you would with your overall content strategy, focus on your audience’s pain points and how your product solves them. Aim to inform and educate while providing as much value as you can in your videos.

I honestly don’t think there is too much more to it! Video production has its place for making wonderfully produced video for advertising and I’d recommend investing if you have the money. However, if you’re looking to actually see ROI from investing in your video marketing strategy, then you’ll need to start looking at it long term, producing a bank of video content over 6–18 months and start to distribute the content throughout your marketing funnel.

I’ve made a video outlining similar thoughts to this article, which you are more than welcome to take a look at.

James McKinven

I'm the founder of Striqo and host of the Marketing Mashup podcast. My goal is to get as many people using video and podcasting in their marketing machine.

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