Why podcasting is the best medium to invest in long-term

Podcasting Mar 04, 2020

I listen to about 4 hours of podcasts every day. 4 hours for brands to get their message across to me, 4 hours for me to learn and engage, 4 hours to build a relationship with the hosts. Think of all the other content marketing you do. You might put a blog out, make a few ebooks and guides, then distribute those through email. Don’t get me wrong, these are all fantastic ways to do legacy content marketing but it doesn’t quite give you the cut through or differentiation that podcasting does. You can’t keep your audience’s attention and you’ll be forgotten about in minutes. There is absolute content saturation in 2019 and you need something that sets you apart from your competitors – a well-produced podcast will do just that.

The average podcast length is 43 minutes. Think of the amount of value you can fit into a 43-minute piece of content and how much of a relationship you can start to build with your audience, customers or prospects. No other medium of content can do this the way podcasting can.

A long-term investment

Sound interesting? Much like with video marketing, this is a long term investment and you’ve got to commit to making fantastic podcasts consistently and for a long period of time. There is no better way to build trust with your customers than getting them listening to you for 40+ minutes every week, but you’ve got to get them to listen to an episode in the first place.

Break it into shareable snippets

That’s where the use of your existing channels will come in useful. There are some wildly good podcasters such as Joe Rogan, H3H3, The Matti and Pete show who are hell-bent on growing their audience, so they put considerable investment into their podcasts. They have a multi-camera recording of the episode, cutting them into engaging and shareable little snippets to be distributed on social media.

A passive medium

Now I mentioned I listened to podcasts for 4 hours a day – I am an extreme case – but what is interesting is how / when I (and many others) consume them. I have an hour at the gym a day, I like to learn or listen to something funny instead of listening to music. I then have 2 hours of commuting to and from the office, then an hour while I’m cooking dinner or before I go to sleep. The most interesting thing about this is that they are all times when I am doing a task that is subconscious to me and the podcast is a passive way for me to consume the content I am interested in. With videos, blogs, ebooks etc I have to stop what I am doing in order to consume them.

Long story short is that I love podcasts and I’d love to help you make one too.

James McKinven

I'm the founder of Striqo and host of the Marketing Mashup podcast. My goal is to get as many people using video and podcasting in their marketing machine.

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